Innovator, mentor and family friend..

It came to me one day when doing some musical contemplating
what might others think?
So I thought why not ask? 
And I reached out.
And they answered.


- a series of questions -

next up - David Darling

Long time family friend and mentor David Darling knew my father (Dale Spurlock) in college. My childhood was filled with visits from David usually in the wee hours of the night. My mother had her priorities straight and woke each of us no matter what time to revel in the cherished visit even at the expense of school the next day! Many occasions David was accompanied by Paul Winter and other Paul Winter Consort players. Their recording of Icarus by Ralph Towner became our family's cherished anthem for the arts!

The Questions:

How Do You Describe Your Music?

DD: Music is the spiritual practice of honoring God and the mystery of the Infinite.

Whats Your Latest Project?

DD: I am woking with Silvia Nakkach on a CD of Raga and songs

Do You Play More Then One Instrument? Do You Recommend That?

DD: I  Play Piano, Bass, Cello, All Sax'es, Hand drums. Tuba..and Waterphone, Amadinda,  I recommend that all find a way to play Gymbe and Piano and Kalimba

Who Are Some Other Players You've Enjoyed Collaborating With?

DD: Paul Winter, Ketil Bournstadt, Terri Ryptal, Jan Christian, Jan Garbeck, Ralph Towner, Glenn Moore, Paul Winter, Collin Walcott, ….

Who would you like to play with that you haven't?

DD: Keith Jarret...

• Where Has Been One of Your Favorite Places to Perform?

DD: Queen Elizabeth Hall

Favorite Gear?

DD: I use to use Digital Delay in concert and of lately I have not been on the road with the equipment.. but I love digital delay

Fav Summer Camps or Educational Opportunities?

DD: Music For Peole seminars

Who do you like to listen to?

DD: Progressive pianist in jazz that work with altermativbe inversions.. and great new recordings of classical music performers...

What Do You Recommend to an aspiring Improviser?

DD: To listen to world styles an to practice more imitating an discovering who they really are and hoping that at some point they see improvisation as a WAY.

How Do You Overcome Self Conscience Playing?

DD: By realizing that you do not have to be commercial… and play to the masses what they want to hear to feel normalcy… each of us humans can do it our way and I am a great believer in that all of us have a way to do our artistry without just selling out to it.

Any Other Tips On Performance Practices?

DD: Do what makes you feel honest and in tune with your self…

Final thought: philosophy, quote...anything at all…

DD: I think that Music is the great spiritual practice of our time…and Music means all artistic ideas.. poetry..etc.

 Listen to Icarus here: 

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