Solo unaccompanied master!

It came to me one day when doing some musical contemplating what might others think?
So I thought why not ask? 
And I reached out.
And they answered.
So starts the beginning of

- a series of questions -

next up - Tracy Silverman

I got turned on to Tracy's talent about the time I heard about Turtle Island string quartet back in the early 90's. An early innovator playing unaccompanied 6 string fiddle. 

How Do YouDescribeYourMusic?

contemporary classical music informed by rock, jazz and global ethnic styles. a new global vernacular for the electric violin.

Whats Your Latest Project? 

finishing a new cd of my compositions, including my 2nd electric violin concerto arranged for elec violin and string quartet and featuring the calder quartet and other solo works for elec violin.

also working on a duo program/recording with composer terry riley and new works being composed for me by kenji bunch, richard danielpour and roberto sierra.

Do You Play More Then One Instrument? Do You Recommend That?

violin and viola, and just enough piano for help with composing.

Who Are Some Other Players You've Enjoyed Collaborating With?

terry riley, caito marcondes, roy wooten and too many others to mention. 

Who would you like to play with that you haven't?

chick corea, egberto gismonti, too many others to mention.

Where Has Been One of 
Your Favorite Places to Perform?

royal albert hall

Favorite Gear?

boomerang loop pedal, meas boogie studio preamp

Fav Summer Camps or Educational Opportunities?

mark o'connor fiddle camp, mark wood rock orchestra camp, belmont string crossing camp

Who do you like to listen to?

salif keita, egberto gismonti, too many others

What Do You Recommend to an aspiring Improviser?

listen to a lot of different kinds of music. find something you love and imitate it as closely as possible.

How Do You Overcome Self Conscience Playing?

(good question) focus on my favorite or ideal audience member and think, "here's some music i really love. i want to show it to you."

Any Other Tips On Performance Practices?

if it's a stiff situation, be as casual as possible. if i'm not focusing, remember that it's being recorded by someone for youtube. always try to lose myself in the music, however it takes to get there.

Final thought: philosophy, quote...anything at all...

if you're not making mistakes, you're not taking enough chances.

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