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Music for Wellness CD

Improvised musical expression on keyboards and electric violin
that conveys the raw and honest emotion
associated with sacred awareness
to accompany 

Yoga * Meditation * Massage

wellness cd 

Sample Audio

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Yoga Collaboration

Electric Violin and Computer provides the music for your yoga practice
in person indoors or outside!

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Music Wellness Workshops 

An Audio Visual Presentation
for self healing and combating
PTSD, Depression, Stress, Grief

Music For Wellness DVD of breath taking images and healing affirmations
accompanied by

a soundscape of  electric violin and keyboard 
imbedded with healing vibrations and binural beats.

In addition is a pre-talk / discussion about
healing vibrations and a "how to"
for listening.

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 Workshop Collaborations
Bring Music Wellness to your workshop!

Yoga Music Wellness Workshop Flyer


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Sacred Romance Performance

Music, Poetry and Dance
come together
in an exhilierating and transcending event 
that will take you to The Radiant One
Electric violin & Keyboards
Sufi Poetry
Contemporary Dance 


sacred romance full  sacred romance dancers

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 Music For Wellness DVD

An audio visual meditation for wellness

Heal Yourself
Transcend thru music on a  journey where your focus is on healing.
With each musical selection take an introspective journey to the physical
or mental pain you want to overcome.
Allow the music to lead you to the oneness that enables you
to assist your body in its ability to heal.

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